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Learn Pickleball From The Pros

Woodward Park Pickleball Courts

Norwalk Pickleball offers instruction in partnership with the Norwalk Recreation & Parks Department. Woodward Avenue Park has been renovated to include four new pickleball courts. Street parking is available nearby. We teach all levels of players.

*non-residents can attend our clinics for an additional $10 fee

Special Events

This month we are offering special events including free kids’ clinics, cardio pickle, & a charity tournament.


1.5-hour coaching sessions for students of all skill levels. One professional instructor per four students.

Open Play

Play with others who share your experience and skill levels. Open play lets you practice what you’ve learned.

Meet The Instructors

Alan Schur – IPTPA Certified Instructor

Alan is considered one of Conneticut’s best pickleball players. He has multiple regional gold medals in both mixed & men’s doubles. Alan competes on the national level, and recently won the 65+/5.0 national tournament in Naples, Florida.

Tina Lum – PPR Certified Instructor

Tina started playing in tennis tournaments during highschool, and she has been on the court ever since. She began playing pickleball six years ago, competing on the regional and national levels. She has received multiple gold medals in 5.0 and 4.5 nationwide tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pickleball?

Pickleball is a fun racquet ball sport that combines aspects of badminton and table tennis. It is played on hard surfaced indoor and outdoor courts. Tennis courts can be repurposed to create multiple pickleball courts.

Who invented pickleball?

Congressman Joel Pritchard and his friends invented the game to occupy thier kids during a family vacation. The summer home had a badminton net, some whiffle balls, and ping pong paddles lying around. The new game became a family favorite and began to spread through thier social circles.

Where did the name pickleball come from?

The Pritchards had a family dog named Pickles, who loved to chase the ball while they were playing. Pickles would catch the ball and run off, disrupting thier games. A family joke began, and they named thier newly invented sport pickleball.

What equipment do I need to play pickleball?

You need a pickleball paddle and a good pair of tennis shoes. Pickleball paddles are unique to the game, and can be bought at many sporting good stores. They range from $10 for a basic beginner paddle to $200 for a competition grade paddle.

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  • We are top ranked players who teach because we love the game.
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  • Our previous students have a very high satisfaction rate.
  • We teach everyone from beginners to advanced competitive athletes.

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